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TT-Line Bonus Card

Exchange your points for a free crossing or free cabin with the Bonus Card program.

Score TT-Line Bonus Points!

Collect bonus points with every booking, which you can use for your next trip with our TT-Line ferries!
You automatically collect valuable points with every crossing (with or without vehicle) and with every booking of travel offers, meals and cabins. You can exchange your collected bonus points for great rewards. As a TT-Line Bonus Card customer, you always receive bonus points for all pre-booked services.

There are special offers for our Bonus Card customers.

1. Sign-up for the TT-Line Bonus Card

Applying for the Bonus Card is simple and uncomplicated. Simply fill in the prepared form and send it to us. After registration, your customer number will be used as your Bonus Card customer number. As long as you make every future booking under this number, your points will automatically be credited to your bonus point account.

Sign-up for Bonus Card

2. TT-Line points and benefits

  • You receive nine bonus points for every euro spent
  • Rewards are available from 4,000 points on
  • Your family and friends can also earn points - the card is transferable
  • The practical Bonus Card and customer number are fitting in your wallet
  • You can view your current points balance online at any time under My TT-Line

1 Euro = 9 Points

Flexibility add-on

Book our Flexibility add-on and plan your holiday with full flexibility and without worries! With the TT-Line Flexibility add-on, you have the opportunity to make all our tariffs even more individual. You can change and cancel your booking up to 24 hours before departure free of charge.

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Important Information

  • For how long are my bonus points valid?

    Your bonus points are valid for 2 years, the date when the points are credited is decisive. Bonus points which are older than two years will be deleted. The deletion takes place twice a year on January 31 and August 31.
    If there haven't been any changes on your account for two years, the bonus status will be deleted. The bonus points expire. The two-year period begins with the last changes on your bonus point account.

  • May I receive the bonus points for bookings made by my friends?

    If your friends like to transfer their bonus points, you may also add these points to your bonus card account. However the requirement is that the booking is made by using your customer number. Accordingly you will receive the invoice and travel documents.

  • Do I receive bonus points for purchases on board?

    No. You will only receive bonus points for pre-booked services (e.g. cabins, meals and hotels). All services that are booked after Check in (i.e. directly on board) do not generate any points.

  • Can I still book my TT-Line trips with my travel agency?

    Yes, of course. Send us your customer number and booking number afterwards to and we will credit the points of the last four weeks. 

  • Can I redeem my bonus points online or at my travel agency?

    No, bonus points may only be redeemed by contacting TT-Line directly by telephone or e-mail.
    If you book a trip, please let us know your customer number/ bonus card number and your desired bonus. The service fee does not apply to bookings with redemption of bonus points.

    You may reach our booking departement by telephobne on 0180 6666600 (landline 20 cents / call; mobile phone max. 60 cents / call) or via our contact form.

  • May I receive a second bonus card for my husband/ my wife ?

    There is no need for that. Family members, who live in a household, may share a bonus card. If you always book your trips stating your customer number, you don't need to present the card at the Check in. Therefore it's even possible for you to travel at different times on different days.

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